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I am Park Min Gyu, head of the IT support center in the city. Ho Chi Minh.

After Korea and Vietnam established diplomatic relations in 1992, both countries achieved rapid development in all fields such as politics, economics, culture, and education. Currently, when the two countries diplomatic relations have been raised to the highest level of "comprehensive strategic partnership", Korea is chosen as the country investing the most in Vietnam. This development has helped the scale of trade between the two countries increase 175 times, making the two countries each other's third largest trading partner.


Currently, in the southern region of Vietnam, about 90,000 Koreans are living, and about 4,000 Korean businesses have laid the foundation for coexistence and prosperity in Vietnam.


The goal of the information technology support center in Ho Chi Minh City is to firmly consolidate the friendly relationship between Vietnam and Korea in southern Vietnam, based on which we can support IT businesses in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City, a key economic region of Vietnam with many domestic markets, good infrastructure, and large-scale manufacturing facilities, has become a city with a vibrant investment of Information Technology businesses.


In preparing for digital economic transformation, we have recognized the importance of development in IT. Therefore, we, the information technology support center in Ho Chi Minh City, have actively supported Korean IT businesses in Vietnam, helping them succeed in this market.


Our upcoming IT Support Center will also lead in the development and innovation in the IT field and jointly help the growth of Korean businesses in Vietnam.


We hope to receive everyone's attention and help.


Best regards,

Park Min Gyu, head of the IT Support Center in Ho Chi Minh City

Center Director's greeting

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